Plasma Media Center – DVB Settings Interface

Hello folks \o/

It’s been a while since my last update, but the DVB implementation for Plasma Media Center (PMC) is fully functional, so from now on I am polishing the user interfaces. Up until now, I’ve been working on the settings panel (I uploaded on a previous post some early snapshots), and after a lot of playing, I think that the UI is quite mature now. Below you’ll see how the settings panel is. LibVLC automates most of the settings so this gives me the freedom not to blow the UI with too many features for the time being. I would really appreciate any feedback and thoughts about the UI. Next week I’ll upload some images (maybe a  video too) of the final UI of the main DVB-T player in action!

Last but not least, I would really like to thank you all for giving a helping hand with my “call for help”. I really got too many e-mails from you people and helped me a lot. Kudos.



PMC – DVB Television, Call for help!

Hello everybody!

As you might now by now, my GSoC project for this year is to implement DVB television in Plasma Media Center. At this point, I’m going to need everybody’s help for some tests. The DVB implementation uses the w_scan cli program to automatically scan for channels using your dvb tuner interface, and exports them to an xspf playlist to play via libvlc. w_scan is included in all major distributions, so you only have to install it using your package manager.

In order to proceed with my tests, I need to see some samples from DVB-S and DVB-T xspf channel lists to make the corresponding adjustments to the code. So,  I need your help people! Run on your boxes w_scan using the “-L > channels.xspf” * parameter to export the playlist in xspf format in the same directory you ran the command, and send the results of w_scan, as well as the channel playlist at my e-mail: nikhatzi at with subject: “DVB“. I’m looking forward to your e-mails,

Cheers! \o/

P.S. If you have any problems with w_scan, comment below and we’ll find a sollution. 🙂

* Thanks to Roman Fräse for pointing out the missing part of the command!

DVB Tv on PMC (updates)

Hello folks,

As you know, my GSoC project is about adding DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) TV playback on Plasma Media Center (PMC). I’ve been idle the past two weeks due to exams period, but now I’m back! So, what’s new with this update? The answer is: The settings dialog. On my last update my project was playing TV using a static xspf playlist that I had created with VLC. Now, using w_scan, we are able to scan for channels on the settings panel, save the channels playlist in xspf format and load it automatically from that point on. The problem was to take the output from C++ using a QProcess in QML, but it’s finally resolved. In the following days, a new video will be uploaded showing the DVB module fully functional.


DVB Updates!

Hello people! It’s been some time since my last post, and it’s time for some updates! First of all, after many tests, the QmlVlc is working pretty good and a genaric interface for testing is live! There are some issues though with channel selection, they are reported to the author and will be resolved. For now, i’m giving you a screenshot of the application playing DVB-T tv with a playlist loaded from vlc in XSPF format. You can also see for debug purposes the playlist loaded on the right of the window. Double clicking on a channel name plays the corresponding program. Stay tuned for updates! Next thing to come is channel scanning, and interface lifting. Also, since libvlc supports many available tv formats, such us DVB (T/S/etc) and analog, those features will be implemented too. Plasma Media Center at the end will also support High Definition (HD) channels and audio.

Random Greek TV channel, playing i QML.

KDE and GSoC 2014!

Hello people!

I was selected this year to work with KDE again, and the Plasma team! Just awesome! The project for 2014 is about Plasma Media Center (PMC), and more specifically DVB support on PMC! To accomplish that I’ll be using the LibVLC library, which is fun to code with. So, stay tuned because this summer, PMC will be able to play TV too! The following days i’ll update you with screenshots and repository links too for everyone interested.