DVB Updates!

Hello people! It’s been some time since my last post, and it’s time for some updates! First of all, after many tests, the QmlVlc is working pretty good and a genaric interface for testing is live! There are some issues though with channel selection, they are reported to the author and will be resolved. For now, i’m giving you a screenshot of the application playing DVB-T tv with a playlist loaded from vlc in XSPF format. You can also see for debug purposes the playlist loaded on the right of the window. Double clicking on a channel name plays the corresponding program. Stay tuned for updates! Next thing to come is channel scanning, and interface lifting. Also, since libvlc supports many available tv formats, such us DVB (T/S/etc) and analog, those features will be implemented too. Plasma Media Center at the end will also support High Definition (HD) channels and audio.

Random Greek TV channel, playing i QML.