New server!

Hello everybody, just a few minutes ago I moved this blog to a better server. From now on, everything will run smoothly with daily updates about my work on kde and gsoc!

2 thoughts on “New server!”

  1. Hey man o/ . Good to see your blog and the updates about the DVB support in PMC. I haven’t been working on PMC for a while now. I was down with chicken pox and now have the exams to deal with. Anyways, coming back to things that matter 😉

    I figure this is indeed a WP site. I too blog at WordPress. It’d be great if I could maybe follow your blog, however I don’t find the option to “like” or “reblog” or even “follow” your blog. Is that something that you want ? If not, you could at least add a widget that allows users to follow your blog.

    Last but not the least, best wishes with your GSoC project. Get it done quickly ! I can’t wait to watch TV on PMC 😉
    P.S : I’m sure you would’ve noticed the above mentioned, I just made a mention anyways 😉

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