KDE and GSoC 2014!

Hello people!

I was selected this year to work with KDE again, and the Plasma team! Just awesome! The project for 2014 is about Plasma Media Center (PMC), and more specifically DVB support on PMC! To accomplish that I’ll be using the LibVLC library, which is fun to code with. So, stay tuned because this summer, PMC will be able to play TV too! The following days i’ll update you with screenshots and repository links too for everyone interested.


2 thoughts on “KDE and GSoC 2014!”

  1. Hi, I’m waiting for dvb support in PMC for quite some time. Good luck with your efforts! If you need somebody for testing purposes please let me know.

    1. Thank you for your comment! At this point, the DVB module is able to play fixed TV frequency hardcoded on source-code, and it works pretty good! I’ll post some updates with screenshots soon! 🙂

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